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EEG Group is a familial group, specialized in building techniques, and we are present throughout Belgium.  As a family of 850 employees, we work from without the same mission, values and quality guarantee.



“The passion for building runs in my family, of course. What fascinates me about construction is that everything is so project oriented. One is constantly dealing with various people and numerous techniques. It is always difficult to take all the factors into account. I see it as my calling to make the construction sector much more relaxed, but also more transparent and efficient.”



“I'm fascinated by numbers, but it’s especially what’s behind the numbers that’s interesting. Through my marriage to Karl, I have gradually seen my affinity with the construction industry grow. I’ve never merely watched from the side-lines, but I was already involved in the first takeovers. However, it is only relatively recently that I have made the decision to become active in the company.”

Historical background


Michel Neyrinck started working as an independent installer. The company mainly concentrated on the installation of electrical installations and water pipes. After a while, this expanded to government procurement in the healthcare sector.


Michel Neyrinck decided to start his own company in the 1950s and founded Electro Entreprise Gullegem, EEG for short. At that time, the administration in Kortrijk was still mainly French speaking, which explains the name.


We took the first step towards a more integrated approach to projects in 2006 with the acquisition of Van Braeckel, which was today renamed EEG nv Van Braeckel division.


Electro Entreprise and Van Braeckel merged under the name EEG nv. We have thus evolved into a group of multi-technical installation companies. The EEG Group was born.


Everything was accelerating. Electrolysis, Leroy, Marechal and Heyer were included in the group.


EEG Group continued to grow. Elektro Kamiel Smet joined in 2016, followed by Bessemans and De Kock in 2017. Three new companies joined our family in 2018: VTV, Beltherm and Danneels. Danneels was the first French-speaking company to be part of EEG Group.


EEG SA Naninne was founded. The branch, which is located in Namur, is responsible for projects in Wallonia.


Under the name EEG Fire Protection, we are expanding our business to include the design, installation and maintenance of various types of water- or foam-based fire suppression systems.

With this expansion, we are taking the next step in the vertical integration of all technologies in buildings.

Our values.

Taking care of one another

Taking care of one another

Employees can be themselves within our group. Caring, understanding the position of others and empathy are at the core of our family DNA.



We innovate, embrace new technologies and enjoy continual additional training. Our professional pride guarantees top quality.

Working with passion

Working with passion

We are proud to be part of EEG Group and are happy to share it with family, friends and with you!